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Outdoor & Indoor Furniture Manufacturer

About Us

CV. Mandiri Abadi is one of the best outdoor and teak garden furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. We produce high-quality teak, synthetic rattan, powder-coated aluminum, and stainless steel furniture. Established in 1997, we started to make the finest solid teak patio furniture with the primary market in France. The strict standards of quality control procedures, supported by a professional team and machinery production keep us growing and expanding our market worldwide. We attempted to provide you the excellent garden furniture with on-time delivery and reasonable price.




For over last few years, we’ve been working with many of variety buyers in major countries in the region of EUROPE, USA, AUSTRALIA and ASIA.

CV. Mandiri Abadi use well-selected material for its production, only use TEAK from legal well- managed forest from PERHUTANI, FERRARI BATYLINE ® mesh, AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL, VIRO and ECOLENE all-weather fiber and also from Rope House. All of those materials will create astonishing, all-weather, and timeless garden furniture for your need. We offer wide range of products using of one those material or in combination of it as a garden set, folding chair, stacking chair, lounger, benches, deep seating, extension table, sofa, lounge set, upholstery, etc. We also gladly produce custom design to give freedom to our client’s to create their dream furniture.

Our Ideology

Each item is produced to the highest standards using the latest state-of- the-art manufacturing technology to deliver a product that is durable and comfortable. We understand that our end users spend a considerable amount of time using our furniture each day and we make it our responsibility to ensure their physical comfort. Style is as important as comfort; we want our furniture to inspire as well as support.

Our Team

Our team comes from a diverse variety of backgrounds and experiences, and this keeps the creativity flowing. To sustain this high level of our staff’s proficiency,

we encourage different training programs to be given to our primary asset: people. Mandiri Abadi Group is an equal-opportunities employer. Our management is on hand to develop and encourage all team members, as well as provide a sustainable working environment. All Mandiri Abadi Group employees and management operate with a customer-centric approach.

We produce garden furniture and minimalist indoor furniture

Solid Teak Wood

Solid Teak Wood Combined with Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Iron, Batyline, Synthetic Rattan, and Rope.

1.Teak Furniture

Our teak collections offer a full range of furniture using the highest quality teak material sourced directly from Indonesia. Our collection includes chairs, tables, and benches that are all suitable for contract clients.

2.Aluminium Furniture

Aluminium furniture is made with only the highest quality materials, to withstand avarietyof extreme weather conditions Each piece of furniture uses high grade aluminum framework weaved with the world’s leading synthetic fiber and upholstered with weatherproof fabric from Ferrary Batyline and Sunbrella.

3.Cushion and Upholstery

An up and coming material that is gaining popularity for outdoor furniture due to its extreme durability and low maintenance requirements it is made of Polyester fiber and is covered with a coating of PVC which makes it impossible to tear. It is mostly used for the back and seat of all types of outdoor chairs and sun loungers.

Our Legality

  • We use TEAK from legal well- managed forest from PERHUTANI.
  • V-Legal number : TRIC-IDN-TL-446
  • FSC 100% FSC C123884

Our Market

Especially for the international market. We have been 
in several continents such as Europe, United States, and
others. We currently produce 100% our client’s design’s.
Our confidentiality agreements prevent us from sharing
those designs. We are in the process of developing our
own product range and will begin posting those designs
Note – Our clients, particularly in the USA, are some of
the biggest names in the industry and we respect their
requirements for confidentiality concerning their designs
and who they are. Just as we will respect your confidentiality
should you ask for it. FYI – if you were to make a list of the
top ten furniture retailers in the USA then we supply
about 30% of the companies on that list.

The Facilities
	We Provide are
CV. Mandiri Abadi one of the most modern, state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities in Jepara. Located in Central Java, Indonesia.
The company management and factory run by a team of highly
skilled  and experienced engineers, operators and craftsmen. Utilizing
the latest computerized technology to create precision-built  items and
customized products for projects in a variety of scales. We employ a
sophisticated system that ensures accuracy of information  of raw
materials required, items being produced and warehouse
control. This system guarantees a smooth operation between the
different  factories and the warehouses. More than 40,000 pieces
products are produced each year, made from the very best in
raw materials, as  thousands of square meters of wood, metal,
synthetic rattan,rope, batyline and fabric pass through the factories.
Our Machinery


We source the best materials and raw materials for
use in our products. Our furniture is manufactured
from a range of quality materials, including Perhutani
Legal wood and metal. This ensures our product line is
as sustainable as possible.
Metal frames, metal perforated sheeting, mesh and
wires are also used for many of our modern-day
designs. These light, but hardwearing materials are
well suited to the daily use of furniture. Our upholstery
is crafted from the finest fabrics, cushion and batyline
to provide a touch of luxury to your place.


Understands that every order has a strict delivery
timeline and that our clients are often eager to receive
their new units as soon as they come off the production
line. This way for overseas customers, we have developed
strategic alliances with international and local shipping
agencies to ensure that our export business dispatches
as efficiently as our domestic business.
Whatever the order, big or small, you can be sure that we 
will carry it to your door with all the care and attention
that we put into crafting it. Demand for our furniture has 
expanded beyond the Indonesian market, and we now 
distribute on a global scale.Our distribution network 
enables us to export a wide range of our products to 
various institutional and business organizations, with
global clients including business complexes,
establishments. Serving the global market requires a
great amount of flexibility and adaptability to cater for
the changing demands and different tastes and trends.

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